To Tel - Aviv And Back

December 19, 2016

Travelling back to my home town Tel - Aviv last week for family time and a creative break, reminded me how awesome this city can be for creativity.


The small city of Tel - Aviv has a vibrant and busy downtown area which has hundreds of model shops, joineries, metal suppliers, ceramicists, and wood turners. It is all located in a small, condensed area that combines art galleries, design studios, cafes and bars. It is messy and crowded, mostly loud and sometimes dirty but it is also very inspiring.


Having it all located in one place is not the only bonus of being a creative person in Tel - Aviv. The Israeli work ethic can also work in your favour. The Israelis do a lot of things at the very last minute, which is why they need to improvise and to find creative solutions. They can be experimental with their prices, knowing you will haggle and in general it feels like there is no game plan.

Sounds like a nightmare..? I guess it can be. But it can also be beneficial if you need to get something done quickly and spontaneously and if you know how to talk their talk..


Because I started my design career there I feel like I'm used to this way of working. That's how I managed to get some things done for a new project I'm working on while I visited there for a few days.


But don't get me wrong... London is fabulous! I'm staying here.


Vitaly's metal fabrication studio and one of his many cats


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