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February 22, 2017

I have recently opened my Instagram account. Yay. You can now follow me here.


I'm still discovering the lay of the land, but I did find one of the most inspiring - design related accounts that Instagram has to offer. It belongs to Alice Rawsthorn, a design journalist for the international New York Times. And it's more than just nice photos!


Each week she posts about a different topic. And so each day of the week she uploads a photo with information. It is always design related but in a broad way, which makes it very interesting and eye opening. This week the topic is water.


A couple of weeks ago she wrote about the designer Arne Jacobsen and she quoted Verner Panton talking about him. I'm bringing his quote here as I found it very inspiring:


"The older I become the more respect I have for Arne Jacobsen, although our ways of thinking differed in many ways... When you consider everything that Arne Jacobsen achieved in many different fields you realize that he has no equal. Of course his skills were accompanied by talent, energy, economy and luck. And perhaps everything was a little too tidy. But I have never learned as much from anyone as I did from Arne Jacobsen, including the ability to feel uncertain and never giving up."  


Verner Panton talking about Arne Jacobsen whom he worked for from 1950 to 1952.


Pages from Alice Rawsthorn's book - Hello World: Where Design Meets Life.


Photo from Unfold Website


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