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May 19, 2017

Today was one of those days… It felt like the world was against me, nothing went right and the weather was gray. Uninspired I decided to take a little break from my studio work and to search for some inspiration online. Now that I feel rejuvenated I'm sharing some of it here.


'The Art of Being Yourself' is a Ted Talk by Caroline McHugh, this video is a really good reminder of how important it is to truly be yourself, and how challenging it is for most people. I mostly liked her prediction: "People who are afraid to be themselves will work for those who aren't afraid to."


The 2011 documentary film Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child by Tamra Davis is inspiring and a bit sad to watch. It partly comprises videos that were filmed when Basquiat was still alive, painting in his studio and talking about his art, and partly of interviews that were filmed especially for the documentary. It conveys his expressive way of creating, kind of like watching Picasso at work (which is always a good vibe to get in to, especially if you're feeling stuck).

It is astonishing to see how young he was and how much talent he had, so much so that his unique paintings are still timeless. I highly recommend it.


And as always I can't end a post without something visual. So here is a beautiful photo of Jean Arp in his studio (or Hans Arp if you will, as he went by both). I'm all into his art now.


I hope next week will be productive, inspiring and sunny!


 Photo found at Ceramics and Pottery Arts and Resources Blog




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