Cut & Paste - Group Exhibition

April 26, 2018

Almost randomly and quite last minute, 3 of my collages found their way into a group exhibition called Cut & Paste. Opens tonight(!) at The Mill in Walthamstow, the exhibition focuses on contemporary collages and the way we "recycle and reprocess the world around us through imagery". 


I'm super excited to take part at an exhibition that focuses on collages only.

As my background and my main focus is product design, I took part in exhibitions that were themed around objects and products, but I never before had the opportunity to take part at a collage exhibition.


People have been recently asking me about the connection between my Product Design Practice and this recent interest I find in making collages. Trying to answer this question in words to someone else is a challenge for me, but I feel like in my mind the connection is very clear.

To me - these 2 different mediums are linked strongly to each other, what binds them in my imagination are ideas I have for future projects and a strong obsession I have with all things that are flower related and nature related. Everything that is old, used and vintage, Everything that is heavily decorated, Baroque and Rococo style. All of those things together or separately make a strong link, a direct line between making collages and creating objects. 

(I really tried but it still feels like it's difficult to explain..).


I believe that one day, looking back on the things I created, there will be a clear link between the collages I made and the objects I designed.


Time will tell.. 




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